Jordan Van Der Vyver

Model. Artist. Explorer. Influencer.

South African born beauty Jordan van der Vyver was raised in the picturesque country side of Cape Town. Having never travelled before she started modelling, she confesses sheepishly that she very well might never have unless the opportunity at Boss had come along.

She has already appeared in heavyweight publications such as Italian Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, L'Officiel and Jalouse in her brief career and if these achievements are any indication of the future; we have exciting things to look forward to from this local beauty.
Her first trip outside of South Africa was to Paris and she immediately fell head over heels in love with the city of lights.
She has since travelled to many places including London, Milan, Munich, Barcelona, New York but concedes that Paris still has her heart while The Seychelles feels like a familiar dream.
Jordan adds that in another life she was likely born to be an islander, and can think of nothing better than to lie on the beach and soak up the sun.
The duality of her personality leaves Jordan torn between these two possibilities and she quickly adds that she is also most certainly a city girl that has a love-hate relationship with shopping, skyscrapers and winter.
Perhaps, she muses, she can’t decide which girl to be.

Jordan LOVES food , healthy and unhealthy – However, considering the career path she has chosen, she acknowledges that she must be mindful and ensure that she eats healthily and is constantly trying to find new and exciting ways to maintain a balanced lifestyle.
Godiva chocolate is her ultimate downfall.

Jordan enjoys art, and confesses that she applies herself to a variety of disciplines; Painting, drawing and writing and wishes she had more time to just sit and create.
She loves music, modelling, books and poetry.

And cats. Of course...

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