Ines Garcia

Model. Influencer.

The breathtaking Ines van der Merwe Garcia was born in Zaragoza, Spain to South African parents.

Having lived in Spain until she was 12, the family relocated back to South Africa where Ines attended school in Hermanus.

Ines began her professional career as a model at the tender age of 16, when she began travelling for various assignments.
She has since worked in markets, London, Spain, Paris, Germany, Hong Kong, and Milan.

A self confessed social media groupie, Ines has grown her own brand extensively and has enjoyed an exponential growth of followers in recent months.

A Spanish beauty at heart, her favourite food is Paella and her favourite city, Barcelona.
She loves all music and listens accordingly, depending on her mood.

Beautiful and whimsical, Ines exudes an inner contemplative quality that draws a parallel to the sentimentality of a Bronte novel.

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