Sam Laskey

Model. Blogger. Smooth Talker.


Sam Laskey was born in Durban (in her words; the 031) around 25 and a half years ago. She moved to Cape Town (read: the 021) 7 years ago to pursue full time modelling.

She has travelled to (and lived in) London, Milan, Istanbul, Beijing, New York, Tokyo, Hamburg, Los Angeles and Chile.
She has shot for a number of Vogue titles (Russian, Italian, Turkish), appeared in campaigns for Nivea, MAKE cosmetics, Adidas Stella McCartney, and noteworthy editorials for Elle, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, US Glamour and Gioia.

In her own words, her journey has been long and interesting;
“Having worked with a ton of cool peeps and a ton of less than cool peeps, but I feel like I'm better person for it. I LOVE people, talking to them, hearing their story, connecting, finding out whether they cook well and then inviting myself over for dinner. That's why I love Tokyo and Italy because they are the world’s greatest food Mecca’s in my opinion.
Sorry France”

Sam practises Yoga every day (either at a studio or at home), loves hiking and the outdoors, wishes she could save all the endangered animals (and the not-so endangered animals), implement world peace and plans to continue singing off key in the shower for as long as her voice will allow.

When asked what she considered as her title, in addition to the influencer role that she has finds herself in, Sam proposes that she is a Model, Blogger (sometimes kind of), Snapchatter, smooth talker, professional talker... Of any topic...
Instagram is admittedly her biggest platform, but her snap chat is “pretty dope” and gets around 400-500 views a post.

Sam is the quintessential modern girl, with brains, humour and tenacity to boot.

Quirk never looked quite so good...

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