Nalu Titus


Singer | Songwriter | Performing Artist

Nalu is a singer, songwriter, and self-produced musician who explores themes of womanhood, sexuality, and love. Inspired by many powerful woman of colour, Nalu follows suit in her music by using it to express and liberate others.

Born and raised in Cape Town, Nalu’s sound is hard to define by a genre. Using elements of jazz, RnB, soul, acoustic, classical, alternative and lo-fi sounds, she crafts a substantial sonic journey for her listeners.
“At the heart of it all, m
y music tells stories. From my own experiences, to experiences as an observer, I tell stories so that I can engage with people authentically. Art is such a powerful tool and when kept organic, it can be used to build a soulful connectivity between people. It’s a blessing to be able to express myself, to be vulnerable and for this vulnerability to be received so beautifully by the public. My music has stirred up conversations about the meaning of love, sexuality, heartbreak and other relatable themes that people are sometimes afraid to discuss. In essence, my music is a raw, honest reflection of who I am and how I’d like to converse with others.

An avid supporter of women’s rights, Nalu is the co-founder of the “I Will Not Be Next Campaign” (IG: @iwillnotbenext_campaign), a collective of women raising funds for Pepper Spray Drives to distribute cans to vulnerable women.She has received attention from mainstream publications such as Glamour Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine & Cosmo YT Channel, Red Bull Studios, Bubblegum Club, Between10&5, Varsity News, NuSoul Hub, SABC, in addition to a string of critically acclaimed performances in both Cape Town and Johannesburg’s premium venues.

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