Nadia Jaftha


Actress | Digital Influencer | Musician | Entrepreneur

Nadia Jaftha is a Digital influencer, Actress and Musician born and bred in the Mother City, Cape Town. Over the last 3 years, Nadia has become one of SA’s most influential digital personalities with her cynical personality and relatable style of content creation. It is her quirky personality that has now grown her following to an astounding 375 000+ followers on Instagram alone. Because of her relatable content, her videos have become one of the most watched on South Africa’s digital platforms with her account reaching up to 13+ million impressions per week. Nadia has graced 3 magazine covers including Glamour magazine. Nadia has a ‘Women or the year award’ and many unique brand collaborations under her belt. She recently attended the international award show ‘Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards’ in Los Angeles where she represented Africa as the official Influencer correspondent on the orange carpet. 

The multi talented 20 something film & media graduate also has 3 successful music releases, is currently a contestant on a reality TV series and will officially make her acting debut as the lead in an upcoming film titled “who’s my daddy” which is set to be released later on in 2020.

‘I started a clothing line, and I would just do social media on the side. Then I started pranking videos and it kind of took off from there’. Since pranking is a regular activity in her family, Nadia began to create humorous content, everyday life experiences that were easy for her audience to relate to. And guess what? Those funny YouTube and Instagram videos ended up keeping her audience glued to her social media pages.Today, she is one of the biggest social media personalities in the country and continues to build an empire as she expands into other sectors of the entertainment and lifestyle industries.

Travelling the world has always been a huge part of Nadia’s brand, and being chosen as the official brand ambassador to represent Africa for their ‘anti ivory’ campaign alongside 4 strong representatives globally, was a major milestone in her career. She continues to use her online presence as a voice for good causes.

 “Don’t be discouraged if you are not seeing results immediately, because it does take time especially if you are working towards a life goal or a dream. Be patient, be consistent and believe in yourself"

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