Danika Pienaar is a homegrown beauty. Raised in the beautiful city of Cape Town, Danika loves the culture & diversity that the city has to offer.

Her biggest ambition is to see the world and she has a passion for exploring new places & meeting new faces . Although an introvert, Danika confesses she loves the energy she gets from the modeling industry . Acting is another passion of hers & she believes it is a catalyst for exponential growth and can open many of doors in life .
She is a self confessed adrenaline junkie and can't go a day without physical exercise and has a strict regimen of healthy eating, running and attending yoga and pilates classes on a daily basis.

In addition to her energetic personality, she also has a bit of an arty side, with a love for writing poetry , reading , drawing and finds ways of expressing herself through fashion.
In her own words, Danika puts in perfectly “I don't want to be just another daisy in a Flower garden, I want to influence people in a positive way, motivate them to be themselves and express their individuality. Become the rose that you really are.” We couldn’t agree more.

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