Ellis Brown



Emma studied Film and Media at the University of Cape Town, where she developed a passion and skill for editing. She also studied acting for 2 years, a great fit for her favourite part of the model industry - role-play where she able to get into character for whichever persona a client needs her to be, able to translate that energy into the brand.


Sport played a major role in her early years, competing at provincial level in athletics, hockey and squash.  She now practices yoga, early morning runs, and after years of horse-riding, is still keen to take a horse to a gallop – bareback – preferable through a beautiful Cape Town forest!


During her limited amount of spare time, she is developing a range of her own healthy raw chocolates, part of her plan to move towards photography and food styling in the years ahead.  Emma lives by the belief that turning adversity into advantage is extremely powerful - shifting your perspective by seeing those called ‘obstacles’ as being signs for change or redirection for an alternative path to take in life.

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