Van Der Vyver



Jordan began her model career at the age of 15, having won a magazine model search competition.

After completing her matric with a string of distinctions, she spent the next few years travelling to develop her career.

Years in London, Paris, Barcelona, New York and Los Angeles have brought her to the attention of powerful brands in each market, as clients note her ability to sell their products and her intense work ethic.


Creative outlets include calligraphy, art and crafts, and her love of animals has had her foster rescue cats when she is in her home country, South Africa.

A role Jordan plans to take on in the years to come is mentoring young girls, particularly those who suffer bullying, something she experienced in her teenage years.  With our children being so exposed to social media, she is acutely aware of how this has escalated the problem and wants to pass on the personal tools she has developed to help young girls cope.

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