An early career in dance, all of ballet, contemporary, hip hop and other genres, took Summer to the Czech Republic, Italy and Turkey, preparing her well for her next career as a model – ballet poise and awareness of artistic shape through other forms of dance have made her a firm favourite with clients around the world.

During her teens, she developed a love for art – inspired by artists like Jane Alexander, Pieter Hugo, Dali and Frida Khalo, and for literature.

These early interests, combined with her move into the model industry, turned Summer’s focus from artistic aesthetics to shape, style and cut of garments. Her intrigue for fashion became part of her everyday thought process, prompting a move to behind the scenes of shoots, art directing and styling.

Closest to Summer’s heart is the obligation she feels to her family, her country and to herself to help the youth and people of colour open new doors – helping those whose talents and ideas are overlooked. She believes the “youth” is one of the most influential assets of our time and must be acknowledged as fundamental contributors to our society.

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